Thursday, August 24, 2017

I would like to share one of my favourite books. In this book the author tells us how life is today. He shows us a  school where everything is upside down . At this school there is no admission exam and everything is free and open to anyone. He  criticizes the current society where corruption, inequality in all aspects, intolerance, racism, social injustice, drug trafficking, the power of the media are the daily bread of every day.
True criminals who truly violate human rights  will never be in prison since they are the owners of the prison keys.

We are not well informed, because television is not interested in show the real world. On the contraty, they show what they want us to see, what magnitude of violence is presented daily in The television is shown as a healthy television without evil.

These are some of the topics you are going to find in this book. It is a very  interesting book to read.


  1. Interesting! I will have it in mind ;)

  2. It sounds very interesting!! I have read something by Galeano, but not this book...


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